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Should I hide from others that I see a therapist?

Everyone responds to this question differently. It depends on one’s beliefs and point of view. In Europe and USA work with a therapist or life-coach is seen as a aspiration to be more successful and fulfilled. Visits to such professionals are quite expensive and if the person is willing to pay for their personal growth, then they gain respect.

What does "talk therapy" mean?

Psychotherapy in the US is called “talk therapy”, meaning that it does not use meds. The inner sources of the individual are using to achieve the result.

I am not like the others, I cannot live like everyone else. How can you help me?

I know that people who are not like the others experience difficulties to conform themselves to general social standards. It is difficult for them to find their own way in life, their otherness often creates confusion and depression. Their desire to be like everyone else, leads them to an even more strange and sometimes exaggerated behavior. In such cases, my goal is to help people become aware of their personal value and importance, to understand the fact that being different might be a way to be interesting to others. And my main goal with this type of client is to help them adapt to life, build relationships, find a job, to have plans and see a compelling future.

Who are Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes?

Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes – authors of Strategic Intervention Coaching (SIC) – modern approach in the practice psychology, which is called “the art of rapid changes”.
Tony Robbins is a recognized authority in the field of psychology of leadership. Together with Cloe Madanes he developed a study called “Human Need Psychology”. One of the most sought-after speakers in the world, he is included in the list of top 50 business intellectual people of the world. He is an author of eight books of the psychology of personal growth. Robbins has been a personal life coach of several US presidents, Mikhail Gorbachev, the British royal family, many famous actors, musicians and businessmen. He transmits his unique therapeutic experience in the Center For Strategic Intervention Coaching (The official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins) which he heads together with Cloe Madanes.
Cloe Madanes – one of the five best family therapists in the world, has made an enormous contribution to the development of a strategic approach in psychotherapy, which was marked by a number of prestigious international awards. Author of seven books on family and strategic therapy. In the Center For Strategic Intervention Coaching she works as a lecturer, consultant and supervisor for their students.


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