Therapy & Coaching

Therapy and life coaching are the most proper and effective solutions for the majority of psychological problems.


Psychotherapy (known as a talk therapy) is dealing with the underlying processes and inner conflicts . The purpose of using this method is to see the output in the client’s situation, even when it seems that there is no one.


When it comes to achieving goals or unlock someone’s personal potential , I use coaching. As a coach I help a person to set goals and achieve them. I prompt a client how to overcome their internal uncertainty and fear, teach them to believe and trust in themselves and not be afraid to make decisions. I inspire them to act, to move forward, to strive for success and take control over their lives.

Strategic Intervention Coaching

This is a relatively new and unique direction which has embraced the best achievements of practical psychology, coaching and therapy. It is based on understanding of the psychology of human needs (Human Need Psychology), using the best techniques of Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, neuro-linguistic programming and psychology of influence. Its authors are internationally recognized experts in the field of life coaching and strategic therapy – Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.


The value and uniqueness of this approach is in its universality. The principles of this study are extremely effective in dealing with a wide range of human being’s problems. Tony Robbins proves it constantly, using his approach with millions of people around the world. This is an eminently practical method for taking action in a strategic way to accomplish goals, as well as to get human needs fulfilled.


Strategic Coaching has provided me not only with new knowledge, but with new strategies as well, to treat complicated cases in my clinical practice. At the same time as a Life Coach, I rely on my expertise in the field of medicine and personality psychology, and it helps me to find innovative approaches in solving various personal and family problems.

Choosing an approach

I choose which technique or approach is better to use, depending on the problem to be solved, the client’s situation and mostly on their personal characteristics.

With whom I work

I work with adults and children. Individually, with couples and families, sometimes other family relatives are included.

The session

Duration of session
Normally 60 minutes.
The rate
The rate per session or per course will be determined at the conclusion of the first 20-minutes session which is free and will take place over the phone or online.

Duration of the course

The average duration of my courses is relatively small, since even complicated situations and severe issues often can be solved quickly and effectively using unaccustomed strategies that I select or create for a given person.


Some issues can be resolved in the first full session, but more often to reach major changes requires between 6 to 10 meetings. Sometimes, at the client’s request, we continue our work together for longer periods to consolidate the results that were achieved.

Answers to your questions. Solutions to your problems.