Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting my site. Here you are my guest so let’s talk about you.

I don’t know what has led you to my site. The reasons may be very different, but whatever they are, I know that you are driven by hope, hope that your questions have answers and there are solutions to your problems.

My education and professional experience allow me to be confident in my abilities and capabilities. For 30 years as a therapist and life coach I have helped hundreds of people, and I want to help you.

My goal is to strengthen your hope, help you to find these solutions, implement them, and lead you to where you want to be, to the life that you want to have.

I guarantee

that I will use all my knowledge, skills and experience to help you.

I will treat you with respect, warmth, understanding and empathy and I will be honest and open with you. No matter what you tell me, I’ll never judge or evaluate you. I guarantee strict confidentiality, and, if you wish, your anonymity.

This is what I’ll do:

I will carefully listen to you and not just listen to your words, but your pain and your life story, for you to feel that you are not alone with your serious challenge;
I will calm you and support you, because I know only too well what it’s like to feel depressed, hurt, emotionally tortured or just disappointed;
I will seek to understand your values and your vision of the world, your patterns of behavior and your reactions, to create the most effective strategy to help you;
I will bring humor and fun in our work together to switch your focus and to make you smile;
And I will teach you to understand your own needs and those of others, because it is the key point of what is happening or will happen in your life.
I would like to share with you my belief in success

This is not just a belief in a miracle, it is a belief in your powerfull abilities that are still hidden within you. I know what I’m saying. Examples of my clients, people who have gone through severe experiences and hard times, but were able to change their lives for the better, give me reasons to believe that a serious change is possible for you as well.

What will you get as a result of our working together

 Improving the quality of your life in general
 Improvement of your mood, feelings and general well-being
 A new level of self-awareness and self-esteem
 Answers to your personal questions
 Change the situation that has forced you to seek help
 Understanding what happened to you before and how to avoid it in the future
 Psychological knowledge that you can apply yourself to any situation in your daily life

If you email me,

we’ll be able to schedule time for our first free meeting in Skype.

Our 20-minute talk will give me the opportunity to learn in general your problem or concern and to express my professional opinion about the way to solve it. Let this be a common vision without the details, but you’ll get an idea of whether or not I can help you and if not, how to move on.


This first conversation doesn’t impose any obligation on you. It may just be an acquaintance, or it may be the beginning of your journey to realize meaningful changes in your life.


But no matter, if we don’t meet again,


my wish is that you’ll never lose HOPE and your decisions will be wise, because that it is what shapes your DESTINY!


Natalia Nelson

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